Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What is the meaning of discontinue studies ? it is valid or not ?

Ans. For the benefit of the students who discontinued in the middle of their studies either in the I or II or III year, The Department of AIDE can permit the students to continue their education by allowing them to write the exam in the relevant year of studies. Like the university of madras a student who discontinued due to some reason either marriage or drop out in the middle of their studies so as to enable to study the course, the student may be permitted to reappear in any subject, provided she/he should write all the newly opted subject.

Q.2) Is there two types of admission ?

Ans. Yes we have academic year of admission June to May and Calender year of admission from January to December.

Q.3) What are the requirements for admission?


  1. Xerox copies of original certificate and mark sheet  with student signature.
  2. The schooling or the university should be a recognized one
  3.  We need the mark list of passed certificates
  4. 10th or 12th Passed mark list required for his age proof.
  5. Two

Q.4) How do we get the identity card and what is the procedure to get it if there a loss?

Ans. Student’s identity card will be issued. For any loss of certificates, they can pay a penalty and on the spot he can get the identity card

Q.5) How do we pay the payment ?

Ans. All the payment and fee would be in the form of D.D only.

Q.6) How many specialization do you offer?

Ans. We offer more than 100 specializations, hence we have a course for almost everyone.

Q.7) In how many days would I get my study material?

Ans. After enrollment you will receive your study material in 15 working days.

Q.8) After submitting my papers, in how many days would the results be declared and when will I get the certificates?

Ans. After submitting your papers, you shall receive your certificates in 21 working days.

Q.9) Can I go for an extra specialization ?

Ans. Yes sir you can go for as many specializations as you want. You have to pay Rs. 5000/- extra per specialization

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